Information/motivation for projects on visual processes --- testing and investigating the framework of Vision as Encoding, Selection, and Decoding (see Zhaoping 2019)

Zhaoping, L. (2019) A new framework for understanding vision from the perspective of the primary visual cortex , Current Opinion in Neurobiology, volume 58, pages 1-10.

Other relevant papers

Some video lectures related to this paper:

Looking and seeing in human vision in light of a severe attentional processing bottleneck in the brain a seminar talk in July 2023

This one this talk in July 2018 , which is best viewed together with the original slides (here is another version (in Sep. 2018) of this lecture, it has a better video quality and is adapted to an audience of largely physicists/theorists at KITP UC Santa Barbara.)

From V1SH to CPD: feedforward, feedback, and the attentional bottleneck in vision". a seminar talk in June 2021 at Neurospin

other video lectures by Zhaoping , including short video clips of the textbook "Understanding vision: theory, models, and data", Oxford University Press 2014

A couple of recent papers along this line

Zhaoping, L. (2021) Contrast-reversed binocular dot-pairs in random-dot stereograms for depth perception in central visual field: Probing the dynamics of feedforward-feedback processes in visual inference, Vision Research, vol. 186, pages 124-139.

Zhaoping, L. (2020) The flip tilt illusion: visible in peripheral vision as predicted by the Central-Peripheral Dichotomy (CPD). i-Perception, 11(4), 1--5.

Positions for projects along this line of research:

We are recruiting. The projects can involve, for example, visual search tasks, stereo vision tasks, visual illusions, and will be discussed during the job application process. TMS and/or EEG methodologies can be used in combination with fMRI/MRI, eye tracking, and other related methods as necessary. The postdoc will be working closely with the principal investigator and other members of Zhaoping's team when needed. Candidates should be skilled in visual psychophysics and proficient in programming, previous experience in TMS and/or ERP is a plus. Please send your application by a single pdf file, including your CV, a brief statement of research interests, an approximate date for availability, and names and contacts for three references to Applications sent before September 1st will be preferred, but later applications will be considered until the positions are filled. The appointment is for one year, renewable for additional years. Enquiry to

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