Papers on the V1 circuit model for its various computation and behavior.

Note: Publications before late 2002 were published under name "Zhaoping Li (i.e., Li Z.)", and those after were published under name "Li Zhaoping (i.e., Zhaoping L.)". In order to avoid database errors and confusions, please cite each paper with its published author name.

Zhaoping L. V1 mechanisms and some figure-ground and border effects. In Journal of Physiology, Paris 97 (4-6) 503-515 (2003) Abstract

Li Z. (2002) A saliency map in primary visual cortex
Published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences Vol 6. No.1. Jan. 2002, page 9-16 [abstract]

Li Z. (2001)
Computational design and nonlinear dynamics of a recurrent network model of the primary visual cortex or PDF version
Neural Computation 13/8, p.1749-1780, 2001 [abstract]
(Please note that before Nov. 1st 2000, a wrong version of the manuscript was mistakenly posted. The current version is the correct one.)

Li Z. (1999)
Can V1 mechanisms account for figure-ground and medial axis effects? or PDF version
In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 12. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, Editors: SA Solla, TK Leen \& K-R Muller P. 136-142. [abstract]

Li Z. (1999)
Contextual influences in V1 as a basis for pop out and asymmetry in visual search
In Proceedings of National Academy of Science, USA Volume 96, 1999. Page 10530-10535 [abstract]

Li Z. (1999)
Visual segmentation by contextual influences via intracortical interactions in primary visual cortex (Postscript) Or PDF version
In Network: Computation in Neural Systems Volume 10, Number 2, May 1999. Page 187-212 [abstract]
For readers more interested in relations of this work with physiological/psychophysical data and experiments, (and less mathematical analysis), see the article below.
Correction: In Oct. 2000, a typo was discovered on page 209 (page 23 of the manuscript), 9th line from the bottom of the page. "d >= 10" printed in the published version should be "d/cos( beta/4) >= 10" instead. This is an error in a model parameter, and this error should lead to quantitative (but not much qualitative) changes in model performance compared to those presented in this paper. Also, Delta (theta) in the expression for W means |Delta (theta)|. The same typo was also in the published version of Li Z. 1998 Neural Computation, but is corrected in the version below posted on this webpage (below). Hence, for all correct parameters of the model, download this paper.


Li Z. (2000)
Pre-attentive segmentation in the primary visual cortex (postscript) Or PDF version
Published in Spatial Vision , Volume 13, Number 1, p. 25-50, (2000). [abstract]
For readers more interested in analytical and mathematical details, and the relations of this work with other modeling and computer vision literature, see the article above.

Li Z. (1998)
A neural model of contour integration in the primary visual cortex (postscript) Or PDF version
In Neural Computation. 10. 903-940, 1998 [abstract]